Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hey, Friend.

We haven't talked for awhile and you've been on my heart. Just wondering how things are and if you're doing okay. How is your family? Got a testimony yet? Praise report?

I sure saw God move while I was in ICU and ...
Hospice with Mom. I was with her through it ALL and so was Jesus.


I can't wait to share it. I hope to write it out to share with her friends, church and all those who have supported us through it. All I can say right now is God is amazing and FAITHFUL!

God IS real!.......

It's different without Mom. I have a deeper understanding now, of what the family goes through when a loved one is terminal, passing and gone.

It's a place we can never truly comprehend until we experience it.

When a parent leaves this world it seems the elements change. The atmosphere is altered and it doesn't matter what the relationship was like while they were here.

Good or bad, there's an automatic unseen God-given built-in bond.

When they're gone it's “grow-up time” and a season change for sure.

A permanent one.

I miss her.

penned by: Hallie Agar

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