Thursday, March 26, 2015

A bit of history: 7

After the divorce from Raul and a brief move to 
Newport, Mom moved us down to ...

Georgia to live near her oldest brother. I didn't want
to leave Rhode Island but at least while in Newport I
was able to experience a brief moment of fun.

Grampa left the farmhouse in Upstate New York to 
live with us in Newport after Gramma passed from Cancer. 

We had a small 2nd floor apartment on the corner of Thames and Harrington

The dog pound was the best! It was all the way at the end of "don't remember"  and right at the water's edge. And so, I was able to visit, completely undetected, with my furry friends through the chain linked fence at anytime I wanted!! Pets galore!!!

Newport, Rhode Island was a busy place. Full of Nautical history and vibrant color. 

Lined with shops, restaurants and pubs,
tourists slowly strolled. 

Clam cakes were eaten and Deckhands grumbled as they tended to boats. 

It was 1977 and the America's Cup was in full throttle. 

Yachts were bobbing everywhere as they awaited the start of the long anticipated race. 

I'm not sure why... but the sounds

were like music

to my ears.

I can still hear the cables and pulleys
clanging against the ship masts as fog horns blew
through the heavy ocean dew.


Bridges, Lobsters and Lighthouses!

The sights, the smells and the tastes are etched forever in my mind. 

That said, Mom was out alot. And typically, she always brought someone with her when she came home.

In short, Mom was preoccupied, Grampa moved out, Dad was re-married and I began to smoke cigarettes as I withdrew even more.

Bullies taunted, grades dropped and trust... well, ...

that was lo-o-ong gone. 

testimony by: Hallie Agar

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