Saturday, March 28, 2015

A bit of history: 9

In Georgia now, my troubles continued.

Still in the 8th Grade, I was leaving school on a regular basis as soon as the first class began. I was shoplifting and now using marijuana. 

Offered a smoke, I accepted. Later at home, I passed out. I remember the Paramedics painfully pinching my arms but I couldn't respond.

I was then transported by ambulance to the nearest Emergency Room.

While laying on the hospital cot, I vaguely recall, an unfamiliar friend of Mom's reporting "she's watching the butterflies" as she held my hand at the bedside. 

"No, I'm not." I thought... "What butterflies?"... and out I went again. It was later concluded that the marijuana was laced with PCP.

Quietly we rode while I hugged my enormous new stuffed bear. It had long brown fur, a beautiful red bow and was, oh, so soft. It was the biggest one I'd ever seen and I was thrilled. 

I asked where we were going but everyone just eyed each other in silence.

We pulled up to an ominous looking building, and again, I inquired. 

Uncle, Aunt and Mom proceeded to gingerly explain that everything was okay and the building was just a place I needed to stay in for a little while.

Panic set in.

I begged, I cried, I fought and I pulled as I sought a direction to run. But eventually, they got me inside.

The stay was a traumatic one. It was psychiatric hospital run by the state and was filled with all kinds of cases.

There were children that had committed murder; that had been severely abused; that had assaulted other folks with machetes; that had so overdosed on drugs that they lost their minds... dancing naked in circles...

And general mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Mania, and Depression.... just to name a few.

I couldn't understand why I was there. I was afraid and definitely didn't want to

Even more, I sure didn't want the pills and liquids that they were constantly handing out.

In attempt to escape I'd kick at the metal grate that covered the window.

That just got my stomach pumped.

I'd slip past staff through a barely opened door.

That just got me, after a nice long chase, bloody knees, leather restraints, cursed and tossed in a small cement room alone.

testimony by: Hallie Agar

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