Saturday, March 28, 2015

A bit of history : IT MUST'VE BEEN GOOD

I was a suffering 13 year old, at best, and by the time I reached Ma Bean- I was a mess. 

Foster homes had taught me some things. 

Drinking, witchcraft, no one to trust and no place to call home. 

Ma Bean was different. She was a petite little elder with a lot of spunk who reminded me of "Granny" on the "Beverly Hillbillies". 

She dressed the part, was as country as country could be and had the biggest Holy Bible I had ever seen laying on a coffee table.
I liked to draw and one day I deliberately placed one of my "anti- Christ" pictures on top of her Holy Bible and left the room.

BIG mistake.  

Ma Bean saw it and with GREAT authority instructed me to NEVER place anything on her Holy Bible again... as she snatched me up... marched me to the bathroom... shut and locked the door behind us... wrapped her arms around me... looked up to Heaven and... 


There was no escape.

I squirmed and I wrestled and I pulled and I pried but nothing could loose me from the hold of that fired-up 4 foot-something Holy Ghost filled warrior.  

Within no time, I was standing in a river with water up to my chest while facing a man wearing a black suit, white shirt and holding a large black Holy Bible. 

I remember feeling...    

 could it be...

... hopeful?

He spoke some words that I can't recall but as he did...

UNDER the water I went! 

I will never forget that sound!

The sound of the rushing water all around my head.

It seemed to speak.

The sound of that water seemed to reach in and touch my very soul!

I felt a hush and a calm... there... in that precise moment... under that water... 

It was as if time stood still and I was being introduced to an entirely different place.

Then... UP out of the water I came... 
and suddenly... 
something happened.

Sounds started coming from my mouth that I'd never heard before! It couldn't be stopped! It just kept coming and coming. 

I didn't know what it was or even what to call it but it must have been okay because as soon as the sounds were heard- 

the man in suit hollered, threw up his hands and fell backward in the water with a huge happy splash and an even bigger smile. 

EVERYONE was happy. 

My guess was... it must've been good.

testimony by: Hallie Agar

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