Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A bit of history : SOMETHING SHINY

Walking toward the lights I briefly considered the camouflage of the bushes along the Intracoastal wall.

Quickly, though, I changed my mind after spotting some really big Waterway rats moving among the shadows.

And being that close to the edge wasn't a good idea, either. It was late, the city was quiet and I didn't want to somehow end up in the water of unknown depth, with no way out and in the black of night.

So, the Tennis Court it was.

It was brightly lit and in front of some really tall buildings directly across the drive that looked like fancy apartments. I thought it ought to be safe, but if a problem should arise, someone would probably be able to see.

The ground was green, but it sure wasn't grass. And I can tell you it definitely wasn't as soft. But still, it was clear of rats, debris and Fire Ants and I was glad of that. 

And by now- I was really tired. So, in the very middle of the court, and as close to the net as I could get, I finally laid down.

I don't know how long I slept but the sun was now awake. While rubbing my eyes I slowly began to raise myself up, when suddenly... I paused. 

Something caught my eye. Something shiny. Something scattered all around me. "What... are... they?" I wondered as I squinted. Then- I realized.

They were coins! All sorts of coins! Dimes.... pennies... nickels.. and quarters! Lots of quarters! And over there... a gold necklace! A real 14kt unbroken gold rope chain necklace! I was stunned.

Where did it all come from!? Who got that close to me and how did they know I was sooo hungry!?

With not a soul in sight, I picked it all up and stuffed it in my pockets.
As I walked toward the manicured lawn, I noticed a phone booth at the very edge of the court. "Maybe there's a quarter in there." I thought.  

Sure enough, there was! It was full of money! Quarters were actually SPILLING out of the change hole and gleaming from the ground below.

He judged the cause of the poor and needy; then it was well with him: was not this to know me? saith the  LORD.  
JEREMIAH 22:16 kjv 

Oh, what an unforgettable moment of comfort that was for this 13 year old runaway! 


Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish. 
MATTHEW 18:14 kjv

testimony by: Hallie Agar

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