Friday, April 3, 2015

A bit of history: 11

Sadly, Ma Bean's home was a temporary thing.

After the visit to the river, my next memory was odd, to say the least

With no explanation, I couldn't move.

My bones and muscles were painfully stiff in a contorted sort of way that I could not control. 

And I was scared.

There was no moving my jaw or raising my head off the pillow. Even just a finger was impossible.

My mouth felt like it was stretched to the side of my face and my neck felt like it was going to snap at any second.

All I could do was lay in an excruciating knot of immense physical tension that had my entire body bound in suffering beyond belief.

The pain was astounding. 

Every bone felt like it would break.

At some point, a girl in the home sheepishly tried to bring a cup of hot tea to my bedside as she told me the news...

... I was to be moved, immediately, out of Ma Bean's home and into another.

I think she was afraid of what she saw, for she stood in the threshold trying her best to reach the tea from the doorway... across the floor... to me... without actually taking a single step into the room.

I imagine if she had a 6-foot stick she'd felt a whole lot better about the entire situation.

Still staring (and pretty quickly, I might add) she silently backed out the door and there I lay.

To this day I can't explain the cause or when it lifted but I can tell you it was something I've never heard of since and definitely an experience I will never forget.

testimony by: Hallie Agar

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