Wednesday, May 20, 2015


God morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Praying you have an awesomely blessed day...
by the hand of Almighty God! That everything you put your hand, head and heart to, today... greatly prospers.

I praise Him on your behalf, for he alone is worthy.

The cloud has moved, once again, and I am beyond excited to watch my Lord work. Time is of the essence and our Father has definitely picked up the pace.

 Do you feel it?

And so, how many know... when the Lord gets ready... you gotta move!?!

I'm hanging on to His hem and keeping my eye on the prize! Jesus Christ... my Master... my Savior... my Redeemer!

And, Yes! The lover of my soul.

Have a Wonderful day! And remember... Jesus loves you and so do I!

Bought by the Blood-
Your Sister and friend,

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