Wednesday, May 13, 2015


To my present Brothers and Sisters in Christ... and to my FUTURE Brothers and Sisters in Christ, ...

I thank YOU. Sooo much! For your support of me and the Blog, that I've been directed by my Lord to create.

It has been brought to my attention that I must make some changes. You may, or may not, notice some gradual change but I hope and pray that within each post you will find something to embrace and grow with.

Again, this Blog is about love and encouragement. About the power of God in a seemingly small and unimportant life, mine, that Jesus Christ chose, bought and paid for with His very own Blood.

He gave His life for me and He deserves nothing less than everything I have to give. My life is not my own.

And so, this Blog is a small part of a very big testimony.

Please. Feel FREE to use the comment sections at the bottom of each post and page.

Your questions, comments and prayer requests are the essential "fertilizers" needed to help this soul flourish.

Also, my newest page addition, and coming very soon, will be Dreams and Visions. 


I am excited about this, as I've been directed by the precious Holy Spirit. 

I realize there are alot of voices in this noisy world but when we know the voice of our Shepherd, another we will not follow. ...Selah.

And, Thank God!

Some of the Dreams and Visions posts will be of the past.  But nevertheless, relevant.

As God gave, I will post dates and times as available. I've kept a personal journal of each and every one, to the best of my ability, but am sure some were missed... for who, I ask again, can keep up with God?!

I realize that all can't receive these things but my prayer is that those that can... will.

And those that desire the deeper things of God... will keep reaching through whatever means they are directed by the Holy Ghost.

And of course... the absolute perfect source is... the Holy Bible... and prayer.

Come. Join me.

We can't keep God in a box. And so, lets keep reaching. Lets keep knocking. Lets keep seeking!

ALL God's best to you... in the mighty name of Jesus!

And remember.

Jesus loves you and so do I.

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