Monday, June 15, 2015


Hi Everyone!

I have an invitation for you! Or maybe... a challenge...

I am asking anyone who will... to share a testimony and/ or a praise report in the COMMENT section available at the bottom of all 3 Blog pages.

There is nothing too small or insignificant with God.

Our Father has done great things for His children, and deserves to get ALL the praise!

I know from experience, my friends...

that when we stand for God... he will stand for us!

Join me! Let's tell God, our one true Father ... Happy Father's Day!

Jesus loves you and so do I!

 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.
PSALM 19:14 kjv


  1. The Lord has graced me with the most amazing woman to share my life as my best friend and my wife. Then God granted us the most honorable duty of being the parents to two wonderful boys. I am truly blessed every day. Thank you Lord. My family is my heart, and my love. Everything else in life is just filler. But I am thankful for the filler as well Jesus.

  2. Peggy Griffith6/18/2015 5:48 PM

    I'm alive and well and have a wonderful family. I'm blessed beyond measure. Praise and glory goes to my savior.

  3. Regina Modispacher Graham6/18/2015 10:18 PM

    Regina Modispacher Graham Trying to share mine ...sunday we had a mission dinner and i gave more than i what was asked and monday morning i open the mail and what do i have a check for double what i gave ....God is good...thank you thank you Lord. ..

  4. Cindy L. Lewis6/18/2015 10:29 PM

    The blessing of God has made me rich beyond measure too. I have a friend that will never leave me nor forsake me. I give God all the glory for restoring my life and making me whole in Christ Jesus. He is my lifeline.

  5. Istvanne Papp6/19/2015 12:42 AM

    Hi. It happened recently. My husband had a bad dream of my son. So when he woke up and called my mother, we all prayed for him who is 19 years old. The afternoon my husband called my son, to ask if anything happened to him that day. My son said, while he was working and was at the top of a ladder , he suddenly fell down. When he stood up, he was wanderning, becouse the ground was like a soft pillow. He had not hurt, even got a single scratch.

  6. Rhonda T Fulgham6/19/2015 11:16 PM

    God is good, all of the time, Praiseworthy in any situation. Today, I rejoice and worship my LORD JESUS CHRIST for his new mercies every morning, for his abundant Grace that covers me, guides me, empowers and strengthens me , that comforts me in every trial, every storm, and knowing HIM, I have victory, in the good and the bad, HE is working it all together for my good, WHY? Because He loves us, while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me, undeserving of such love and mercy and grace, it was all because HE IS GOOD< HE IS LOVE. Today, I was with my Dad while he had a heart cath done, God answered our prayers, no blockages, everything looked great, PRAISE GOD, and HE answered yet another prayer, my cousin and sister in Christ left this world and went to be with her first love, JESUS. She has been on life support for 2 weeks and we have prayed and prayed for healing, and for Gods will to be done, for we know that his will is perfect. I told her I was praying for her healing yesterday, and I know that she heard me, for she began moving her head side to side as to say NO!, she wanted to go to be with JESUS,. She chose the better part. We will miss her, but I also am jealous for her,I know the her spirit has returned to the LORD. And that is something to shout about,to give Go praise for, she received her perfect healing,amen. No more sorrow, no more pain, no more suffering, but the greatest part of all, she is in the presence of GOD. Hallelujah, praise he Lord God Almighy. WOW< WOW< WOW

  7. Kingsley Igbos6/19/2015 11:21 PM

    My testimony is the love of GOD to ma life through our LORD JESUS CHRIST that He sent Him to come and die for me,He paid all ma price in the cross at calvery with His presious blood,Halleluyah Amen!!!Thank u JESUS!!!

  8. Dorcas Levins6/19/2015 11:25 PM

    God is instructing me to read more of His word each day. Leslie and Peter are taking up more chores for me so I'll have time. God is so good! He is preparing me to stand and testify even more.

  9. Not grieving just walking in my Saviors truth that by His stripes I was healed and learning the extends of His provisions. Ever knee bow to Him. In Jesus name all praise belong.

  10. Wagner Romanatto6/20/2015 12:05 AM

    Oi para todos!! Paz!! Eu sou o irmão Wagner, vivo no Brasil, nasci aqui, moro na cidade de Taubaté, estado de São Paulo. Desejo contar um pouco da minha conversão, falar do meu testemunho. Tenho 37 anos de idade, eu fui um jovem muito envolvido com o mundo, bailes, casa de shows e muito mais. Mas no ano de 2001 eu ja estava muito cansado. Estava muito vazio e depois de um convite eu resolvi visitar uma igreja no meu bairro, em Taubaté. Naquela noite algo aconteceu comigo..algo que marcaria minha vida para sempre. A condução do culto estava muito bom e quando de repente eu começo a soluçar muito e chorando quebrantado eu escuto uma voz para mim, dizendo "aqui é o seu lugar"!! Eu sabia que aquela voz vinha de Deus porque eu na infância e depois mais uma vez tivera essa experiência com a Presença Maravilhosa do Senhor e naquele momento eu então sabia que a voz vinha Dele."Aqui é o seu lugar" falou aquela voz para mim e eu soluçando aos prantos na humilde cadeira, naquele momento eude pé me encontrava.Amei tudo o que vi e o que ouvi e o que senti...Voltei novamente nos outros cultos de domingo. Mas depois de um tempo, alguns meses que eu ja frequentava os cultos de louvor e Palavra, eu tive uma experiência inesquecível.Eu quando cheguei na igreja, eu estava muito doente. Gastrite nervosa. Sentia terríveis dores ao ingerir alimentos. Mais tarde começou a doer muito quando eu apenas bebia água. Eu já não estava aguentando mais e numa determinada noite resolvi ir ao culto e ser curado daquela terrível doença.Foi num culto de ministração de cura, eu me levantei e fui na frente para receber a oração. Era uma fila e eu já sentia que algo iria acontecer quando eu recebesse a imposição de mãos daquela humilde irmã que dirigia o culto de oração. Seu nome é Geni.Quando chegou na minha vez eu já estava chorando muito e o poder de Deus caiu em mim como algo que não sei explicar. Eu caí para tras no chão debaixo da unção do Senhor e senti algo como que uma bola de fogo, não sei explicar, senti algo assim se movendo no estômago e meu corpo todo recebeu uma energia muito forte que eu sabia que vinha do Espírito Santo de Deus e quando me levantei eu já sabia que estava curado. Eu chorava muito e tremia muito. Bebi um copo de água e não senti mais aquelas dores. Estava curado, no Nome de Jesus.Quando cheguei em casa, fiz um prato gigante de comida(jantar) eram umas 22:00 PM. Hahahahaha!! Graças a Deus Pai eu já estava curado para glória de Jesus, meu Eterno Salvador e Senhor da minha alma e tudo mais que eu tenho.Recordar é viver!! Boas lembraças minhas pra você!! Paz!!

  11. Wagner Romanatto6/20/2015 12:07 AM


    Hi to everyone !! Peace !! I am the brother Wagner, living in Brazil, I was born here, I live in the city of Taubaté, São Paulo. I wish to tell some of my conversion, talk about my testimony. I am 37 years old, I was a young very involved with the world, dances, concert hall and more. But in 2001 I was already very tired. I was very empty and after an invitation I decided to visit a church in my neighborhood, in Taubaté. That night something happened comigo..algo that would mark my life forever. The cult of the driving was very good and when suddenly I start to sob very broken and crying I hear a voice at me and said "here is your place" !! I knew that voice was from God because I in childhood and then again had this experience with the Lord's Wonderful Presence and at that moment I knew then that the voice was coming from Him. "Here is your place" the voice spoke to me and I sobbing in tears in the humble chair at that moment Ehud foot encontrava.Amei me everything I saw and what I heard and what I felt ... I went back again in the other Sunday services. But after a while, a few months I've ever attended the meetings of praise and Word, I had a inesquecível.Eu experience when I arrived at church, I was very ill. Gastritis nervous. I was in terrible pain when eating food. Later he started to hurt a lot when I drank only water. I was no longer putting up more at the particular night I decided to go to worship and be healed of that terrible doença.Foi a healing ministry of worship, I got up and went in front to receive prayer. It was a row and I've felt that something was going to happen when I received the laying on of hands that humble sister who had conducted the prayer service. His name is Geni.Quando arrived in my time I was already crying a lot and the power of God fell on me as something I can not explain. I fell backwards on the ground under the anointing of the Lord and felt something like a fireball, can not explain, I felt something moving in my stomach and my whole body received a very strong energy that I knew came from the Holy Spirit God and when I got up I knew I was healed. I cried a lot and was shaking a lot. I drank a glass of water and I did not feel those pains. Was cured in Jesus.Quando name got home, I made a giant plate of food (dinner) was a 22:00 PM. Hahahahaha !! Thanks to God the Father I was healed to the glory of Jesus, my Eternal Savior and Lord of my soul and everything I tenho.Recordar is live !! My lembraças good for you !! Peace !!

  12. Debbie Smith Stokes6/20/2015 1:28 PM

    Restored blessed renewed

  13. Marsha Voiers6/22/2015 9:11 PM

    ... His love saved me from a horrible depression 8 years ago. So Grateful to know how much We are loved. No meds ,just God's love.

    ... I felt His presence first in 2003 ,I had tried to commit suicide,when I literally heard a voice call to me. He said to trust Him and He had a better life for me.A few years later,wow I got saved and it is all Glorious since.

    ... I want others to know,God can deliver them without meds. They have side effects that can harm you. God's love only Heals and mends the heart.

    ... God Bless you. Hope it will help someone.

    ... I just want the world to know God is so loving,so they can be set Free.

  14. Wagner Romanatto7/06/2015 9:08 PM

    Olá.. senti por necessário contar esta continuidade de meu testemunho de conversão ao Evangelho que desejo poder chama-lo de parte 2. Foi ocorrido também no inicio de tudo, estou contando algo que fazem mais de 10 anos atrás que aconteceram e este episódio se deu meses depois de eu ter recebido a Jesus Cristo como meu Unico e Suficiente Salvador da minha alma. Eu não sei precisamente quantos meses depois, se foram 3 ou 4 meses quando iniciei minha jornada de fé, mas o fato era que embora apaixonado pelo Senhor e convicto de meus sentimentos e desisões por Ele, infelizmente eu ainda tinha uma profunda aliança com coisas lá do mundo. Eu as vezes sentia vontade de estar um pouco na danceteria, bailes, etc.
    Foi exatamente isso que me aconteceu. Surprendido por um convite de um agora ex-amigo de noites de "curtição'" e bagunças, preferi aceitar seu convite de pelo menos mais uma vez estar em um baile na madrugada. 'Tudo bem, vamos então", disse eu como resposta para seu insistente convite.
    Altas horas da madrugada, danças, paqueras, nunca foi tão emocionante, um gole de bebida e de repente uma voz....."Aqui não é o teu lugar"
    ..uma Presença suave e doce me rodeou cercando me como um cobertor de amor. Eu fui de um lado para o outro e depois de uns 30 minutos, novamente a mesma voz, porém mais forte e suplicando.."Aqui não é o teu lugarrrrr". Impressionado e sem palavras decidi ir embora dali, mas o baile não havia terminado, eu estava de carona no carro, eles não aceitariam meu pedido de ir embora e então como faltava muito pouco para terminar o baile, decidi esperar, já que estava lá mesmo. A Presença era forte, nada de bebidas, danças, lembro me que louvores comecou vir em minha mente fazendo me recordar dos cultos na minha igreja. Sentia vontade mesmo era de louvar bem alto aos berros e orar diante Dele liberando incenso agradável às suas benditas narinas e aquele ambiente nojento já estava causando desgosto e decepção em minha alma.
    Tal hora depois, acaba o baile. Ufaaaaaa!!!!!
    Agonia terminada.
    Arrependido no âmago da alma, repeti milhares de vezes confissão de perdão e decidi de forma imperativa Nunca Mais pisar em lugar como aquele onde, distante, longe, ausente eu estava da Presença e do Lugar onde Deus queria e quer não só para mim mas para todas as pessoas que entregaram um dia a sua vida à Jesus Cristo, o Amado de nossas almas.
    Finalizo dizendo que esta experiência não foi nada agradável senão apenas lembrar que Ele, meu Lindo Amigo Espírito Santo, foi pessoalmente me buscar e me retirar de onde eu havia entrado.
    Agradeço a Deus Trino e Uno pela Sua maravilhosa Bondade e Amor pela minha vida como vemos nessa história escrita e por mim vivida.
    Glória ao Bendito Deus e a Jesus Cristo a quem enviaste!!
    Paz a todos amigos do Facebook.


    Hello .. I felt a need to tell this continuing my conversion witness to the Gospel wish I could call it part 2. It has also occurred at the beginning of all, I'm telling something to do over 10 years ago that happened and this episode is He gave months after I received Jesus Christ as my only and sufficient Savior of my soul. I do not know precisely how many months later, if there were 3 or 4 months when I began my journey of faith, but the fact was that while love for the Lord and convinced my feelings and desisões for him, unfortunately I still had a deep alliance with stuff there of the world. I sometimes felt like being in a little disco, balls, etc.
    That's exactly what happened to me. Surprendido by an invitation from a now former friend of nights of "tanning '" and mess, I preferred to accept his invitation at least once again be at a ball at dawn. 'Okay, let's, "I said in response to his pressing invitation.
    The early hours, dancing, flirting, has never been so exciting, a sip of drink and suddenly a voice ..... "This is not your place"
    ..a soft and sweet presence surrounded me by surrounding me like a blanket of love. I went from one side to the other and after about 30 minutes, again the same voice, but stronger and begging .. "This is not your lugarrrrr." Impressed and speechless decided to go there, but the ball was not over, I was to ride in the car, they would not accept my request to leave and then as missing very little to finish the dance, I decided to wait, as was there even . The presence was strong, no drinks, dances, remember that began praises come in my mind will remind me of worship in my church. I felt like it was to praise loudly screaming and praying before Him sweet incense releasing their nostrils blessed and disgusting environment that was already causing disgust and disappointment in my soul.
    Such an hour later, just the dance. Ufaaaaaa !!!!!
    Finished agony.
    Repented at the core of the soul, repeated a thousand times forgiveness confession and decided in a mandatory way Never step on place like that where, far, far away I was the Presence and the place where God wanted and wants not only to me but to every person who delivered one day his life to Jesus Christ, the Lover of our souls.
    I conclude by saying that this experience was not pleasant but just remember that He, My Beautiful Friend Holy Spirit, was personally seek and take me where I had entered.
    I thank the Triune God for His wonderful kindness and love for my life as we see in this story written and lived by myself.
    Glory to the Blessed God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent !!
    Peace to all Facebook friends.

  16. Wagner Romanatto7/16/2015 5:32 PM

    Wagner Romanatto ..desejo falar um pouco de experiências sobrenaturais que eu já vivi com Deus junto de meus pastores e irmãos da nossa Igreja. Certa feita subimos a uma montanha aqui no Brasil e fizemos lá uma vigília de oração. Começou a oração umas 22:00 horas e se estendeu por toda a madrugada até o clarear do sol pelas 06:00 AM. Louvores e Testemunhos fizeram parte da reunião de oração naquele lugar. Pra. Márcia, Pr. Cota, Graciela, Valdo, Alexandre, Donizete e Elaine, Vitor, Ingrid, Elisa, Flávio e mais alguns outros faziam parte da equipe que subiu a montanha desejando "o céu" naquele noite inesquecível. Tínhamos um propósito, apresentar nossos pedidos de oração do Projeto de Vida, campanha esta realizada aquele ano.
    Horas de louvor, lágrimas e orações então finalmente chegara a hora de queimar os pedidos de orações que estavam numa caixa de papel.
    A Presença do Senhor aumentava á medida que o fogo tomava toda aquela caixa de pedidos..
    De repente algo impressionante aconteceu!!
    Envolvidos naquela Presença Maravilhosa de Deus, quando olhamos para nosso lado, havia uma imensa árvore que começou a aparecer umas bolas tamanho de uma mão e estas começaram a iluminar todo o caule da árvore e à medida que as bolas iam aumentando de número, tomou toda a copa da árvore trazendo uma linda manifestação sobrenatural do poder de Deus.
    Suas luzes iluminavam todo o ambiente e certamente aquela experiência para sempre marcaria nossas vidas com esse Deus maravilhoso e em nossos lábios gratidão e louvores pela resposta sobrenatural de que Ele estava Sim recebendo os nossos pedidos de oração. A Ele toda glória, Deus bendito e Seu Filho Jesus Cristo a quem enviaste. Amém!!
    Ano de 2002, Projeto de Vida.

  17. Wagner Romanatto7/16/2015 5:38 PM


    .. I wish to speak a little bit of supernatural experiences I have ever lived with God with my friends and brothers of our church. Some made up to a mountain here in Brazil and we did there a vigil of prayer. Started the prayer about 22:00 hours and spanned the whole night until the lighten the sun by 06:00 am. Praise and testimonies were part of the prayer meeting that place. To. Marcia, PR. Girl, Brian, brother, Alexandre, donizete and Elaine, vitor, Ingrid, Elisa, Tracy and a few more others were part of the team that went up the mountain wishing 'Heaven' in that night unforgettable. We had a purpose, to present our prayer requests of the project of life, held one year this campaign.
    Hours of praise, tears and prayers then finally it was the end time to burn the requests of prayers that were in a box of paper.
    The presence of the Lord will be increased as the fire took that whole box of requests..
    Suddenly something awesome happened!!
    Involved in that amazing presence of God, when we look at our side, there was a huge tree that began to appear some balls size of a hand and they have started to illuminate the whole stem from the tree and to the extent that the balls were increasing number, took all The Cup of the tree bringing a beautiful demonstration of the supernatural power of God.
    Their lights iluminavam all the environment and certainly that experience to always mark our lives with this wonderful God and in our lips gratitude and praise for the reply supernatural that he was yes getting our prayer requests. To him all glory, God blessed and his son Jesus Christ whom you have sent. Amen!!
    Year 2002, project of life.