Tuesday, June 23, 2015



Ever been raped, with a knife to your throat?
Ever ate out of a dumpster?
Ever been unknowingly drugged?

Ever been beat to an unrecognizable condition?
Ever dreamed of suicide, when a child?
Ever suffer alcohol DT seizures?

Ever been thrust into a state psychiatric institution, at 13?
Ever slept in abandoned cars?
Ever had your jaw broken, in 3 places?

Ever been threatened with a toy squirt gun full of battery acid, to your face?
Ever had your gallbladder drain out of your nose because of a lethal intravenous drug overdose?
Ever had your children snatched from your life through deceit?

Ever suffer compression fractures to your vertebrae?
Ever write a suicide note?
Ever experience acute liver failure?

Ever been stalked?
Ever been urinated on in a room full of witnesses? 
Ever been handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car, so you couldn't escape an assault?

Ever prepared a personal suicide hanging noose?
Ever had clumps of your hair snatched out of your head?
Ever had your own children abused?

Ever been through Cocaine withdrawal?
Ever been in foster homes?
Ever been repeatedly molested, and assaulted, when a child?

Ever been through Opiate withdrawal?
Ever had your infant held hostage, at gunpoint?
Ever had a broken nose?

Ever suffer ruptured discs?
Ever been threatened with your ankles being "sawed off" if ever attempting to escape?

Ever wake up in ICU?
Ever been abandoned, on the side of the road?
Ever had life violently ripped from your womb by an abortion, against your will?

Ever been left for dead in a construction site?
Ever ate at a "soup kitchen"?
Ever been holed up in a motel room, by a predator?

Ever been forced to drink shampoo?
Ever been locked away in a detention center?
Ever require a PIC line?

Ever hide in a closet, under a bed or in a tree?
Ever drink water... from a toilet? 
Ever wake up beside... a corpse?

Ever been spat on in the presence of others?
Ever been tactically deprived of sleep by a tormentor?
Ever been dragged through town by your hair and a shotgun?

Ever been purposely deprived of food? 
Ever require rods and screws surgically placed in your back?
Ever been exposed to witchcraft?

Ever been held hostage?
Ever live under a bridge?
Ever been through Heroin withdrawal?

Ever slit your wrists?
Ever suffer PTSD?
Ever sell your soul for a taste of mercy... you never receive?

Ever physically die and literally go to outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth?

... Welcome to a taste of my first 40 years of existence.


Ever been supernaturally brought back from outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth? 

Ever had a hand extended?
Ever been fed? 
Ever been sheltered?

Ever been fully clothed? (And in your right mind?)
Ever see hope?
Ever experience joy?

Ever gain strength?
Ever been chosen?
Ever smile?

Ever been accepted?
Ever been adopted?
Ever experience absolute satisfaction?

Ever experience perfect peace?
Ever enjoy complete and total rest?
Ever experience laughter?

Ever been appreciated?
Ever experience completeness?
Ever been content?

Ever taste freedom?

Ever been... loved? 

How 'bout...

Ever been "committed to a mental ward" because you've received the Holy Ghost? (Hallelujah!)
Ever have an abuser suddenly walk away forever?
Ever have groceries suddenly appear at your door?

Ever have a yoke destroyed?
Ever been given a song in the night?
Ever been divinely delivered from addiction?

Ever been instantly and miraculously healed of a mass on your bladder?
Ever been beneficiary in a will in which your name wasn't written?
Ever been powerfully and permanently delivered from 30 different medications... without side effects?

Ever had demons cast out?
Ever divinely forget a trauma?
Ever experience instant calm in an obvious storm?

Ever have your bank account impossibly balance?
Ever been completely healed of Hepatitis C?
Ever have debt miraculously paid or written off?

Ever pray hand in hand with others for a missing relative, and while praying... the relative calls?
Ever have a knife wielding intruder, intending harm, suddenly... change her mind?... apologize... and leave?
Ever tell God you'd like to see a Deer today and as you turn the corner and cross a bridge... there stand 5 Deer, blocking the road as they stare? (I know. 5 = GRACE. I went there, too.)

Ever have your car run for miles on an empty gas tank?
Ever watch the terminally ill give up the ghost?
Ever weep with the weary?

Ever serve the sick?
Ever comfort the hurting?
Ever been beautifully broken?

Ever dream dreams?
Ever see visions?

Ever ask... and been given?
Ever seek... and then find?
Ever knock... and it opens?

Ever hunger and thirst... and get filled?
Ever have a stranger declare "I want what YOU have!"?

Ever go from "victim" to "VICTORY", in less than 30 seconds?
Ever think "I've arrived!" but it only gets better?
Ever thoroughly enjoy your life, that now, is not your own?

Here it is.

I wanted to die... but... wouldn't.
I tried to die... but... couldn't.
I should've died... but... didn't.

And then... it happened.

I didn't plan to die... but... I did. 

God knows there is so much more to tell, and I can honestly say that I am fully persuaded...

Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 
ROMANS 8:39 kjv


Give Him a minute and give Him your heart. There's NOTHING too hard for Him.

It's simple. Just

1. Repent (ask forgiveness for your sins).
2. Ask Him to come and live in your heart.
3. Believe it, receive it, thank Him and seek Him.

He WILL change your life... 
GIVE you life... 
and absolutely ROCK YOUR WORLD! 

And why He did all this for an insignificant wretch like me? I do not know. But, He did! And... he's still doing today!

He deserves nothing less than everything I have to give.

Only God can turn a "WHY? God, WHY!" ...
... Into a "Thank you, Lord. Thank you."

The very next breath you draw could be your very last.

And reality is... it's Heaven or it's Hell. The choice is yours. 

Choose Jesus today, you'll know Love and you'll gain Eternal Life. 

...Or can you?

I thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel absolutely free to comment, question or request a prayer, day or night. 

Jesus loves you and so do I.

testimony by: Hallie Agar


  1. Wagner Romanatto7/23/2015 1:05 AM

    Wagner Romanatto ..prophets always live in high places because they are not made to stay at the foot on the mountain. He always deals with the sky. The prophets always deal with honor and with the glory of God. They are concerned about the heart of God. The prophets are totally precious . What Brazil and the world needs is prophetic voice . People crying , crying. When the prophet receives from God, he opens his mouth like thunder . A lion. A lioness . Thus saith the Lord . The prophets are rejected and despised when they live . After death they are praised . The prophets walk , march in a different rhythm . Contrary to the world.

  2. Wagner Romanatto7/23/2015 4:55 PM

    ..just listening to the soul. . if you are in the desert
    Thinking it will die. . . So much struggle and suffering
    God is proving you
    If you are in the desert
    Thinking about quitting . . . Do not mumble not lose heart
    In the desert God will not abandon you
    In the desert He does what no one can do
    He arrives in the desert and makes miracles happen
    In the desert you pray , you also groans and cries
    In the desert God hears you and decrees the victory
    If you are sad he will cheer you up . If you are thirsty He will act
    In the desert He brings forth water from the rock
    Raise your head and begin to praise
    And the battle is not yours, is Jehovah
    Even being in the desert will miss nothing