Monday, July 20, 2015

My Prayer for Pastors and Evangelists Around the World

O sweet Jesus, my Father and my Friend. Boldly I bow before you, humbly at your feet, asking you NOW to extend you sceptor of acceptance of my prayer.

My heart and burden is this, my King:


I thank you for each and every dedicated soul... man, woman and child... that you have called and commissioned to this most selfless occupation of Love.

I thank you, O Lord, for your Blood line, your Holy hedge and your appointed angels encamped about them, thier families, their ministries, their health, their finances, and their dreams.

I give you ALL the glory for every destroyed yoke, every evil curse brought to naught and all chains and fetters loosed!

I thank YOU, Jesus, for their divine protection, provision and peace; for signs and miracles to follow each and every Servant of yours, Almighty God!

I praise you for being their peace in the storm, their song in the night, their courage in the battle and their comfort in times of pressure.

I declare and decree that in Jesus' name that multitudes of souls are being won, NOW and FOREVER, for the Kingdom of God in your Holy name of Jesus Christ!

I thank you, O God, that you alone are their strength and are worthy of all praise.

I thank you, NOW, for your Word in their mouths, your thoughts in their minds, your visions in their eyes, your voice in their ears, your love in their hearts, for your Holy hand upon them, and for each and every directed step in your path of righteousness for your namesake.

Holy Ghost have YOUR way and let the anointing flow, O God!!!

... In the one and only name of JESUS!

O God! Everything they put their hand, head and heart to shall be blessed!!!

In the mighty, awesome, powerful, worthy name of Jesus Christ!

Amen and Amen!

... thepenofareadywriter

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