Saturday, December 5, 2015

COME, SEE A MAN !... "The Thing In The Sink"

She was a frail woman. But still relatively healthy considering she was a 50+ year cigarette smoker and "survivor" of breast cancer. It was found "accidentally", but still she gave God the glory. Said she only felt the lump because of Him.

Yet smoking, the cancer was aggressively treated with Chemotherapy, Radiation and a Mastectomy. And being the independent woman she was, basically, went through it alone, except with the help of a friend or two from church to deliver her food. That's just how she was.

Dubbing herself "the queen of plastic surgery" one more operation wouldn't hurt. So, (approx. 10 years later?) upon my arrival in 2006, reconstructive surgery was scheduled. 

Of course, I objected, seeing her age and thin stature, and tried to talk her out of it, explaining she was fearfully and wonderfully made. Said she was beautiful just the way she was and the Prosthesis she had was fine, but it was no use. She knew I was there and so in her mind the timing was perfect.

I worried for her. So many problems had been reported from implants, and to this day, I felt like the first set of implants many years ago are what initiated the cancer in the first place (not to mention the cigarettes). 

But since this was the first dose of "one-on-one" we had ever really had, I decided to accept, pray on and do my best.

I was only a 2 year old convert when I arrived and mentally wore out from battling my 3rd abusive spouse. In our final hours of our 10 month union, he demanded that HE was first and God was second, as he pounded his fists on the dashboard. 

Needless to say, I made a phone call at the first red light. Next thing I knew, I was dropped at the house of a family we knew from church, with nothing but the clothes on my back, and never saw him again Alleluia.

Weeks prior to surgery she and I talked. I shared my life in detail, my sufferings and how I came to know the Lord. Regardless of the relentless warfare, I was zealous and head-over-heals in love with my Jesus and wanted the world to know.

I shared with her the amazing power of God in my life and how He literally raised me from the dead, delivered me from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, depression and so much more. 

I testified how Jesus, just that year, had healed me of a mass on my bladder and healed me of blood disease and how it was witnessed, documented and proved. 

I mentioned I was a huge fan of anointing oil and prayer clothes and I shared with her the power in the blood of Jesus Christ and that because of Him I'm alive today. 

And even though she attended church, she didn't understand His suffering on that cross and didn't even want to look at a picture. She didn't see the reason for the cruelty and it bothered her to see such violence. She only saw the cross as religion and strongly rejected my desire to display one in the house. 

She didn't understand it was not an idol or religious act to me but a personal point of contact and reminder of a love I never imagined existed, especially for someone like me.

I was purposely picked and bought with a price. Someone truly wanted Hallie. Someone gave their life for me. Someone died for me. And then, while yet in my sin, raised me up from literal death. But that's another story for another time.

So, surgery day came and went and she was now back at home. But as days passed she grew weaker instead of better. I could see the decline and continued to pray hard for her healing.

At that time, my prayer closet was a literal one. A hidden altar made out of a clothes hamper with my picture of Jesus on the cross above. My beautiful Sister in Christ, Rhonda, drew it, framed it and sent it with me as a source of comfort, so I hanged it above the hamper in the closet in my room. 

I kept it camouflaged among clothes, so as not to offend. I prayed always but this was my favorite place to go.

Her bathroom was adjoined to her bedroom but she was barely able to make it there. Even a puff of a smoke on the patio was almost impossible. By that, I knew it was serious. But one evening, as I sat on the patio in silence, she appeared.

She was breathing fast and was visibly shaken. I asked her what was wrong and she announced "It fell out!"


"The implant fell out. Really! It's in the bathroom sink! Go look."

And sure enough, there it was! Looking like a big ole' jelly fish tinged with blood and and the size of your average CD...

She showed me the incision from the surgery, about 6 inches across, closed and healthy looking... except for a mere inch at the end toward the middle of her chest that had obviously just opened up.

She explained that she felt a lump at the end of the incision and thought it was a cyst or abscess, so she began to try to "pop" it with a safety pin in front of the bathroom mirror, when suddenly... "this thing fell out into the sink!"

Bracing herself against the vanity, and quite stunned, all she could do was stare. Then, after catching her breath, she hobbled to the patio to sit.

Sure did! Saw it with my own eyes! This enormous man-made silicone breast implant painlessly pushed it's way out a mere inch long cut... and there it lay. 

Of course, she was immediately on the phone to the doctor and, apparently, he was shocked as well. Said "he had never heard of such a thing in all his years of practice."

Yup. Obviously, this was divine surgery only by the hand of Almighty God. This healing touch was His answer to her need and all the prayers.

How do I know? I'll tell you!

Besides being a recipient of God's supernatural healing myself...

The "thing in the sink"... The rapid return of her color... The sudden spring in her voice...  The strength in her step... And finally, the dead-in-my-face look while stating with a smile "You know? actually feel better!!"... pausing... and claiming "God healed me!!!"

Pretty much says it all. Don't you think?

testimony by: Hallie Agar

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