Thursday, February 11, 2016

COME, SEE A MAN !... "A Divine Appointment"

On December 9, 2015 my morning check for messages showed an unfamiliar number from 9:27 am, and being distracted with other things, I simply disregarded it as a telemarketer and went about my business. 

Later that evening, at 6:01 pm, Sister Mona just happened to call mentioning Sister Sara's sister who heard of a family friend in need of a sitter for her sick mother. 

Turns out... the unfamiliar number was the daughter of the family friend of Sister Sara and her sister, Sister Pat.

Hanging up with Sister Mona, I then called Sister Sara who gave me Sister Pat's number, Sister Sara's sister. 

I called Sister Sara's sister, Sister Pat, who told me about the family friend's daughter in need of a sitter for her sick mother who Sister Pat and Sister Sara had known for years.

After 1 personal prayer, 4 phone calls and 8 texts messages, the family friend's daughter and I agreed to meet Sunday to talk out the details of the job tending to her mother. 

I told her I would call her after church and she should send me detailed directions to get to the house because I was not familiar with the area.

Now 12:19 pm, I called the daughter and getting no answer I left a voice mail and I decided I'd drive on to Camping World. 

On the way several texts were exchanged. The daughter was a Nurse on call and stated she was detained with a patient and then had to pick up her toddler and it would be several more hours before she could meet. 

No worries. On to the store I went. 

Done with shopping and heading back, yet seeing there was still plenty of time, I decided to stop for a bite to eat at Magnolia Cafe. 

I had no idea where the mother lived, so stopping where I was and being still seemed to be the best option.

With the phone in my pocket, in case she called, I took my time and ate a wonderful Sunday dinner in the company of my Lord.

(And by the way: actually setting a place at the table for Him is always worth the wait.)

Still no word from the daughter, and full as a tick on a fat dog's back, I got into in my car and decided to just casually ride and enjoy the sights and sounds of a peaceful Sunday afternoon. 

As I quietly rode, and enjoying the lights and Nativities, I realized just how awkward I felt, but now, how content I had become in this commonly claimed "affliction". 

Well meaning friends have called it "lonely"... and the world has happily labeled it "misfit"... but God has called it chosen and set apart... and today...

I call it blessed.

Tears welled up as I drove with my right hand touching my kjv Holy Bible in the passenger seat.

I talked to my Lord in depth of how much I love Him and thank Him for His undying love for me. 

How grateful I am to Him for redeeming my soul with His own precious blood and for literally, in 2004, raising me from the dead. 

Thankful for how He was born to die... and for someone as wretched as I.

I told Him how much I, too, want to present Him with gifts galore, like the wise men in the Bible, and talked of how I have nothing, and how I am nothing... but I give it all... every bit of my "nothing"... to Him. 


Because the life I have now is because of Him and gladly it's not my own. To spend my life, now AND forever with the King of kings, Rabboni... well... it's the epitome of freedom for me. Yes, I'm in love with Jesus Christ

And you gotta realize. This was a real moment of precious presence in my God given little Dodge Dart... 

And all the while driving, never knowing where I was or where I was going. But I did not care. God was with me.

The area was still as unfamiliar as ever. I had no earthly idea where I was but just kept slowly driving to pass the time and wait on a call, when suddenly, at 2:15 pm, a text came through. 

In the middle of the empty country road, while

doing a rolling stop, I quickly

scanned the message. 

It showed the address of the home where we were to meet and said "I'm almost here when you're ready come on" 

"Ok." I typed back.  

Then, glancing away to look around the area I happened to immediately look to my left and there directly above me was your typical green street sign... 

Thinking "No way." I rolled on to turn around and saw yet another green street sign with the same street name again, only this time without the letter "N" at the end. 

In disbelief I looked again at the text to double check what I read, then turned around and headed back toward the first green street sign a few yards away. 

Yup. There it was as plain as day. With my jaw now on the floorboard, I read the exact street name that was sent to me in the text... sent at the very moment God delivered me right to the road! 

All I could do was laugh! And I can tell you, it was a laugh of pure joy!! The power of God once again... Blew. My. Mind!!!

Goes to show...

When we give to God all our affection... 

He's sure to give us divine direction.

In closing...

 ~ Proverbs 3:6 ~

And moreover...

~ 1 Peter 1:8 ~

Hmm hmm. I'm a believer!!!

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