Thursday, February 11, 2016

COME, SEE A MAN !... "In The CD Box"

Again, on December 9, 2015 there was yet a second dose of blessing. 

Getting home from a busy Sunday of awesome fellowship, personal errands, divine appointments and more errands I took a breath as I began to unload the car. 

Looking around for my main set of keys I began to get a little nervous. It was late, I was tired and I couldn't find the keys to get in my home anywhere in the car. 

I looked in all my usual places and then looked in all the others and still... no keys. 

This ring of keys had a very expensive spare car key, as well as a key to the door of my home, keys to churches, keys to lock boxes, keys to compartments and more. 

Thankfully, I had a hidden spare to get in my home but the mere idea of this important lost set was quite the distraction. 

searched the yard and back tracked everywhere I went, and every possibility, in my mind until I finally had to let it go... after, at least, a phone call.

I dialed, they answered, I asked and they inquired. The final answer gave me no relief from the anxiety so I verbally asked "God, please show me, like You always do". 

As I tried to move on, two or three more waves of anxiety came and went, and I admit it did take a little effort to resist the darts of the devil, but finally, my break arrived! 

Feeling the peace and forgetting the keys, I went on with ending my day, when suddenly, in my spirit, I saw AND heard... "in the CD box". 

Now mind you, I had already scoured every inch of the car with dome lights on and flashlights in hand. 

But in the obedience I've come to know as profitable, I've learned to eagerly accept with expectancy no matter how insane the directions sound. So, out to the car I went. 

Oh. And another thing. 

Every inch of the inside of my car is black. The dash board, the door panels, the floor carpet, both consoles and all seats. Yes. Even inside the glove compartments. 

Then, many of the keys on my key ring are black, including the huge car FOB/ key itself. 

And one more thing. The CD box I have my CDs in... is also black. 

Joyfully, out to the car I went... opened the door... and there on the black floor... on the passenger side of the car... in the bottom of the black CD box... UNDER the CDs... was my long lost set of black keys! JUST as the Lord had said.

There is no way I would have thought to look in that box, that was tucked deep under my dash on the floor, let alone actually seen them. It even took a moment of actual study to make them out.

And... how they got there, I don't have the slightest clue. 

Even if they had been dropped, slung or slid... there's no natural way for those keys to end up where they did, the way they did.

It took God, and His mercy for me, to show me where those keys were. And I can honestly say... that the longer I walk with Him... the better I like, and recognize, His SUPER-natural intimate ways.

His voice just gets sweeter every day. 

Thank you God for being in the little things. Please. Never, EVER stop astounding your children!

 ~ Luke 11:9 ~


testimony by: Hallie Agar

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