Saturday, June 18, 2016

"COME, SEE A MAN one woman's witness"

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Ever been raped, with a knife to your throat?
Ever ate out of a dumpster?
Ever been unknowingly drugged?
Ever been through Cocaine withdrawal?
Ever been in foster homes?
Ever been repeatedly molested, and assaulted, when a child?
Ever hide in a closet, under a bed or in a tree?
Ever drink water from a toilet?
Ever wake up beside a corpse?
Ever been held hostage?
Ever live under a bridge?
Ever been through Heroin withdrawal?
Let me start with who I’m not.
I’m not rich, I’m not famous and I’m definitely not a socialite.
I’m not talented, I’m not educated, nor beautiful.
I’m not a teacher, not a speaker, nor am I a preacher.
And actually, who I am... is irrelevant.
But nevertheless, who I am... is a real.
A real live, living, breathing, walking, talking witness to the grace and
mercy of Almighty God...
in what proved to be a dark and hopeless cycle of abuse, addiction, occult...
and so much more.
An inmate of a prison of fear and always trying to stay one step ahead of the devil.
But then... I met the Master.
This is a book of testimony. A book about love, hope and
encouragement... in Jesus Christ.
It’s about God’s perfect plan, purpose, protection, and provision.
It’s about real. And it’s about relationship.
He loves us. More than words can say. And Jesus... there’s nothing like Him.
Experience His touch and the awesome power of the Holy Ghost.
Friend, I cordially invite you...

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