Monday, August 28, 2017

Can I testify?

Been walking with Jesus for 13 years now, no, not a long time I know but nevertheless my life and there is no other. When I tell you God has done miraculous things with me, that's no joke and just to scratch the surface, He's delivered me from a being a homeless junkie, prisoner of domestic violence and loosed me, gave me a brand new car, took me off SSI, certified me in Nursing and Hospice care free of charge, set me up in a apartment, restored financial credit, taught me to sing and play a guitar and then sent me out to the highways and hedges to serve.

From homeless veterans to facility shut-ins to pastors in thier 11th hours the Holy Ghost taught me how to listen, to love and to witness.

Well, in 2009 the devil came-a-knocking and I've I've been in a storm ever since but despite the warfare I've steadied served the Lord with a pure heart and with all I've got in giving, ministering and encouraging.

From Florida to Nebraska, 13 people have been baptized in Jesus' name, 5 people have given thier life to the Lord and I have learned more than I could imagine, visiting countless churches and every tent revival I could find with ALL GLORY GOING TO ALMIGHTY GOD.

Yes, from day 1 God planted a fire in me for tent revivals and soul winning that could have only come from Him, but despite my zeal and love for my Jesus... about 2 years ago I lost my spiritual vision.

I became mentally, physically, emotionally and, yes, even spiritually weary and can honestly say... burnt out. Not a choice, of course, but neverthless a reality. Tents appeared to vanish from the streets, churches seemed barren and I found myself in the wilderness. There were witches, false prophets and plenty of angels of light but the worst thing was the attack on my mind and I couldn't find my Jesus. It was so dark.


After recently "losing" EVERYTHING (roof over my head, belongings, income, finances with an decline in physical health) a precious sold-out couple took me into thier home a few months ago and here I've been since, trying to rest in Jesus and seek His face with all I have despite the relentless warfare that only Jesus knows.

Well, after much crying out to God, begging for deliveranvce from this trial that I don't understand and with tears beyond measure I heard about a tent revival in Wilmer, AL and while I still have my car I thought "I'm dying and I NEED to go", for I'm guessing the car is the final piece of this season of stripping or "barking", if you will, and I NEED JESUS.

So, off I went to 11700 Moffett Rd. Wilmer AL 36587 where a young Evangelist named Jay Worthington is... and let me tell you... JESUS SET ME FREE.

After my 3rd attendance to this tent revival, then back home and settling in for the night I noticed I felt a calm and a peace in my spirit that hasn't been for so, so long and then found myself at my keyboard, with breath in my lungs playing and singing to Jesus. Could the fire of God have actually come down to me like the evangelist said? Did I finally touch the hem of His garment?

See, this morning after brushing my teeth I casually glanced up in the mirror to make sure all the toothpaste was off my face and I noticed something strange... is that... a sparkle in my eye?

As I silently studied this tiny little glimmer of hope, I thought... "I'm delivered?... I'm finally delivered. And then... a smile. An actual smile that hasn't graced my face in years. MY JOY IS BACK.

AlleluYAH! (weeping) Thank You, Jesus!

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