Hello! And thank you so much for stopping by.

My name is Hallie Agar and I'm about my Father's business. 

I'm a blood bought, born again, fired up, sold out, kept by the King, Holy Bible based believer that's head over heels in love with Jesus Christ.

And now... a Servant, a Caregiver, Freelance Christian Author and Writer... and on a mission.  

Let me explain. 

For over 35+ years I've used a pen. From
personal journaling to songs to poetry.

Among other things, writing was a release for me. A way of pouring out and making sense of a mixed up world. 

And since I've come to know Jesus Christ, I've discovered that this draw to writing is still a huge release. 

A release to reach out, as I pour out what God has poured in, and seek the hurting, the weary and the lost.

It's a ministry and it's a call. 

Moreover... it's a valuable gift... with a great, great purpose . Quite simply...


And so, my Friend, your visit today is no accident. 

Glean with me. The harvest is ready!

And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. 
Mark 4:9 

My heart is inditing a good matter:
I speak of the things which I have
made touching the king: my tongue is
the pen of a ready writer.

Psalm 45:1 kjv


All entries are purely of my own experience and/ or understanding and are not affiliated with any other entity, institution, religion or organization to the best of my knowledge.

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If in question, I have personally requested written permission from any and all available sources, with and without response.

Moreover, if there should be any possible infringement issues, please contact me immediately and I will promptly address the issue at hand, to the utmost of my ability.

Hallie Agar

PO BOX 1718

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